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Pant-less women

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Written by: Entertianment Express Nigeria

I was spurred to write about this topic when I could no longer bear in silence the sacrilege being perpetrated by some ladies who wantonly display their bare buttocks and even their V-regions especially at night events all in the name of being fashionable. Nowadays, ladies frequently assault our sights with hardly-concealed pudenda that come in different packaging – some bald, some hairy, others so bushy and unkempt, that anger instead of lust is aroused in even the most rapid-response men.
Imagine, a woman’s sacred region all exposed for public view. I presume those who are fond of going to night parties rather ‘pant-less’ ( that is without wearing pantied underneath their trousers or skirts) have a mind that “it is night after all, so no one would notice”. How I wish they know how far and wide their pictures have travelled over the internet and particulalry on the social media and the kind of volcanic eruption of tongue-lashing they evoked from whosoever sets eyes on those semi-porn images.
When I was working with a media outfit situated in Lagos Island, there was this funky photojournalist who worked with us. Segun was well known for his penchant for taking “fuck-up” shots of ladies carelessly displaying their privates at public events. In fact he had an archive of such pictures. You wouldn’t believe the caliber of women that have been caught in such degrading ‘pantless’ show of shame. This obnoxious dressing is so rampart nowadays you wonder if some of our ladies are practicing being a stripper.
I noticed that this attitude is more common with ladies who frequently wear tight-fitted gowns, leggings, skirt, and the likes.  They claim the reason for leaving their bedroom without wearing panties was because they simply don’t want pant lines spoiling their sexy dresses. Going commando is the word they use for it. Those on leggings and other forms of trousers are pardonable but those on skirts and gowns need to go for rehab. Haba! That’s the beginning of madness, abi no bi so?
Some of them carelessly, spread their legs apart, sitting down yakata forgetting that there are people seated opposite them. Hmm, I even heard that it is more rampant in these Yuppy yuppie churches, where damsel-in-distress desperadoes seek to lead astray their cute unmarried pastors. Even the married men of God too are not safe. They ‘dress to kill’, these ‘pantless’ girls; they position themselves at the front rows with their legs open at maximum right angle, and once their Delilah face make eye-to-eye contact with the pastor, they draw his attention down to the “p***y pie” exposed for his benefit. Thank God that in some heavenly-minded churches, women are no longer allowed to sit in the front rows. Call it discrimination if you like. You can’t blame the pastors - cautiousness is not cowardice. Even the blood of Jesus has not freed the sons of men from the seductive power of the daughters of Eve.
The other day I was in a public transport and a lady came in and sat in the front seat, she bent over to pick her phone which had dropped to the floor of the bus. Osanobua! The whole of her bulbous bumbum was in public view, and when she straightened, her roomy jeans offered a brief view of her frontal treasure down the V-angle. She wore no panties! As if that wasn’t ugly enough, behold, another female passenger seated right before me, had only one tiny red rope circled around her waist.  She was actually putting on a low-waist trouser, and was so carefree about exposing her buttocks you wonder if she was a subject of an X-rated gang-bang porn movies. All the male eyes behind them had a field day feasting on their backsides. The bus conductors who should be going up and down to collect fares from passengers became rooted to one spot for many minutes, momentarily forgetting to do his duty. The man sitting beside me murmured: “ Na waah… women pant don finish for market?”
His comment reminded me of those good old days, when men were frustrated in their attempt to see lady’s cleavage. Then, a woman would ensure she dressed up in clothes that cover up every vital part of her body. Nowadays, the woman body is free-for-all on the street. Our young women have embraced a shameful culture - they don’t wear pants anymore; those who do only tie ropes around their waist.
It used to be an abomination to see the colour of a woman’s panties, not to mention a glimpe of her buttocks. Those days, clothes were sewn with enough material. Nowadays, you will see a lady dressed in a piece of cloth that could hardly serve as a scarf. The most annoying part is that you would still see the same girl battling to draw her skirt up at same time, struggling to pull these scanty clothes they call tops to cover her boobs, her hips, or her belly button. They act as if they were forced to put on such scanty dresses or perhaps they didn’t know it was not their size when wearing it before they left their home. Most times, they wanted to look sexy, but they ended up sloppy.
Sadly enough, they tell you it is what is in vogue. I don’t know where it is going to lead us - walking on the street with half of our arses hanging out in plain view, wearing trousers and pants without panties underneath thereby giving room for people to peep inside our holy of all holy places. It is un-African. And if it sophistication, then we copied the wrong fashion sense from the Western culture. Most girls’ behind have become ‘free view’ for men on the street. This thong, G-strings, frilly briefs and no-panties nonesense is becoming irritating. Dear Constant Readers, how do we advice these aspiring strippers to stop polluting our morals?

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